white shall we write?

Words cannot even begin to express how excited I am to finally be putting this up. My very first blog post.DSC_0085 (2).JPG

After months of setting up, it is finally a reality!

Whoop Whoop!

(takes a glass of ice-cold water), now that am calm …

Hello my lovely readers.

Now before I get all sentimental and start giving a speech here .Lets get right into what I have prepared for you today.DSC_0237.jpgMy blog posts will pretty much incorporate two to three things in them.

The first being a bit of fashion blogging.

The other being , travel blogging ( so basically, what this means is, I”ll be giving you details on the places I choose to take my shoots at ) my goal here is to provide you with places you and your friends, family, or better half can add to your list of places to tour around this beautiful country. Kenya is just thee place to be. Don’t you just love this beautiful country?I know I do.

So, with that short introduction into what this blog is all about, I’d say we good to go .

Ooh wait,I said three things, so the third thing is that I’ll probably go off topic every now and then, so bear with me.Right now for instance, I’ve been talking or rather typing forever and am still yet to tell you guys what I have for you today…

The beautiful Limuru was my place of choice for this shoot .There are so many sayings about home ; home sweet home, home is where our story begins and so many others (the google button feels so far away to make a search for the rest, ha-ha). Having grown up in Limuru I never really understood why every time I heard Limuru come up in a conversation, the first thing people were quick to say was ”that place is so cold”, if I made a dollar every time I heard that, it is safe to say I’d have me several Marc Jacob outfits sitting in my closet, “how do you guys survive there?” a statement am so used to hearing every time I mention am from Limuru. I bet some of y’all reading this have the same mentality about this place, I see you nodding your head , I see you,ha-ha. I  honestly don’t think it is that cold, this ain’t Alaska people, though yes, having schooled in so many places, some very humid I agree Limuru can feel a bit too chilly when you new to the place.

Take it from a local, carry a warm cardigan when you plan a visit here. But I promise you, you will love the fresh air, scenery, the people, and so much more that Limuru has to offer.

A 35-45 minutes drive from Nairobi.

Bracken Hurst . That’s where we at today.DSC_0290.jpg

This beautiful place is in the heart of Limuru. A place am sure you’d enjoy yourself at, located on 100 safe scenic acres.

why you should add this place to your bucket list – 

As earlier mentioned it is a very short drive, approximately 30-45 minutes from Nairobi. Which makes it pretty convenient for those days you wanna do something chilled out the city but aren’t feeling up to driving for hours, well solution found!

In addition, they offer really good accommodation facilities.

Their customer service is pretty awesome if I might add, which is definitely a bonus if you ask me.

It’s a gated community  with 24 hour security , to ensure their guests are safe, you can tick that on your list , not to mention how serene this place is , a good place to go relax at away from your crazy schedule, did I mention great food as well . Thank me later.

It does look like quite a deserted staircase doesn’t it? ha-ha well that didn’t stop me , DSC_0001.jpgsaw this staircase as we were walking towards the main gate leading into Bracken Hurst.And just had to stop we take shots from there. Ooh by “we” I mean hubby and I , ( he is the guy behind this beautiful pictures by the way )

A white above the knee white lace dress was the outfit of choice.DSC_0022 (3).JPG Am such a lover of color, a pop of color to the outfit was necessary( I played around with three different colors) .

The orange scarf around my neck, instead of the usual necklace accessory, the yellow slim belt, pink earnings and the accessories on my hand . DSC_0017 (2).JPGThese shoes I absolutely love, thanks to the pink detail around the edges of the shoe.

If you not really feeling like going too bold, you can always tone it down, for instance , I decided to get rid of the scarf,I think the outfit is still on point .



\\Tip// : Belts come in really handy, they help to shape a dress or a really loosely fitted top, to give you that really well accentuated waistline.

DSC_0054-2.jpgDepending on the occasion you could opt to ditch the heels for a really comfortable pair of cute flats,sneakers too work ( I need me a pair BTW), or simply go of wedges, they’ll give you the height and you’ll still look chic provided the make of the shoe is right for the dress.Wedges or flats sure beat torturing yourself in heels you ain’t comfortable in, too many ladies gully creeping.

Wondering why there’s no bag to complete this look? Well there it is, ladies can relate, one feels incomplete without a purse.Which is why it is important to invest in different types of bags, for different occasions and outfits.

DSC_0110 (2)-2.jpg

Hunger did kick in at some point. A girl cannot smile and pose on an empty stomach.

DSC_0069-2.jpgAs I conclude this post, a special thank you to all the people in my life that supported me and will continue to.

To you too that took your time to read this, i appreciate it so much .

Love you all .DSC_0122 (2)-2.jpg

Do enjoy the rest of the pictures

DSC_0031 (2).JPG

Outfit Details

Dress: thrifted

Scarf: thrift

Belt: gifted

Shoes: got them from a friend’s shop (affordable prices)

Bracelet: gift from my mum


DSC_0078 (2)-2.jpg

Photography: Topart Photography

DSC_0106 (3)-2.jpg

Location: Bracken Hurst. (Limuru Kenya)


DSC_0085 (2)

And with this very random shot, that had me in stitches when I first saw it as I was going through the gazillion pictures we took that day. I bid you goodbye.DSC_0083 (2).jpgAnd be sure to stick around for more pictures on beautiful locations you should consider visiting in Limuru( including inside shots of the beautiful Bracken Hurst, in a post coming soon on the blog!)

Yes loves, I only featured the staircase and the tarmac road leading into Bracken in these pictures . More to come from Limuru and most definitely other beautiful locations in this magical country .

Feel free to leave a comment as well as any suggestions you might have in mind (on places I should check out maybe)


until then,know yourself, know your worth

while you’re at it , Tembea kenya ! 

Love and Love 

Nimz . 



20 thoughts on “white shall we write?

  1. Hey girl..I totally love the post. To be honest I didn’t actually know the place existed..perfect for a gateaway with MyOneAndOnly 🙂
    We’ll be waiting for the rest of the post on the place.Awesome job…totally proud of you*claps claps claps*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *takes a bow* thank you so much Lynn, ha-ha, trust me this place is so ideal for a romantic getaway.
      Knowing I’ve enlightened you on its existence makes me jolly, cause that is the whole point behind starting this blog. I’ll definitely add more p;aces to the list in the consequent posts.


    2. Hey sweerie *takes a bow* Thank you for reading, am happy to know you enjoyed the post.
      And yaas! ha-ha this place is indeed very ideal for a romantic getaway .
      There’s definitely more on the way on Bracken and other locations as well
      love and love


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