Something Gifted,Something Th-rifted.

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Out Of The Box

Well,this post was supposed to go live yesterday but things didn’t go as planned.
My apologies.
Hello there.
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Any who,lets get right into it.
Today I’ll be featuring yet another one of my thrifted pieces.
Something I feel should be a wardrobe staple for every girl:
The jumpsuit!
Out of the box.
I love the bold color of this particular jumpsuit, in my opinion I hit the jack pot on this one.Reason being am such a color person (my love for color has even earned me a nickname courtesy of my friend Nancy, she calls me Sunshine ) which I like.
The fit of it I love, does fit like a glove.
DSC_0147.jpgFunny story about about this jumpsuit, I happened to be home for the holidays, that  was last year (2015). I passed by my usual thrifting spot hoping to find something interesting, on this particular day the vendor had so many jumpsuits,i was ecstatic.
Okay so the thing about thrifting is, you are never guaranteed to find stuff, it’s usually a gamble, you can dig through piles and piles of mtumba for close to two hours and come-out empty. Which can be frustrating, cant tell you the number of times that has happened to me. In this thrifting ”business” patience is key.DSC_0148.jpgWhen I spotted this particular jumpsuit funny enough the first person that came to mind was my cousin.We had both been desperately in search of jumpsuits. so I called her,and she was more than happy to come shop. On trying on the jumpsuit she was disappointed (it was cutting her legs off at a rather weird length) Yes she cried, yes it was that serious ha ha  ( bet she’s gonna kill me for that exaggeration ), I’ve never been more grateful to be 5’2 than I was that day . I ended up taking this baby home, and here we are…
when I bought this jumpsuit, the back and the front were completely detached,I  simply took an old necklace, cut it into two and used that as the straps for the jumpsuit.
//TIP//… When it comes to thrifting stay open minded, what I mean by this is ,if you happen to come across a jumpsuit, a dress, pants, a tank top, a pair of rompers maybe,and they happen to be two sizes bigger but would work for your body and style, strongly suggest you take them home with you, the key here is to invest in a good tailor .A good tailor will help you transform that kawaida looking dress into something really chic, all you have to do is be creative when shopping, if you like something and can come up with a mental picture of how to spice it up and make it more interesting then all is well , provided you have a tailor that gets you. Then i’d say  you good to go, thrift away hunnie …
DSC_0299.jpglets get into the key part of this post..
Total cost of this look…DSC_0144 (2).jpgJumpsuit…Ksh. 100
Belt… gift
Nude Heels… Ksh. 500
silver bangles… Gift from my mum
Earrings, got them for around Ksh. 100
Drum Roll please..
Total cost of this look … Ksh 600
If you include the accessories that adds up to Ksh.700 . Which is still within my budget of  ≤ Ksh.1000
Whoop Whoop!DSC_0158.jpgOne of my readers asked a rather interesting question in the previous post, she wanted to know where I get clothes at such an affordable price, so am gonna leave the response I gave her in here … I shop everywhere and anywhere from the CBD especially along the Globe roundabout, to Mutindwa, N’gara , and most especially limuru(cause that’s home), funny enough I haven’t been to Gikomba which is like the mother of all thrift-ed outfits .Am adding that to my 2016 bucket list.
 Things did get a little interesting during the shoot, got down to some YOGA Janelle Mo nae .. lool
DSC_0291 (2).jpg
Is that my mum I hear? She’s like what in the world were you doing in those two pictures!… Hey mum…
DSC_0286.jpgSpecial thanks to this guy right here, cause none of this would have been possible without him. Thank you bbu . For bookings you can reach him via email patricknjugunah18@gmail.comDSC_0150 (2).jpgWell, I now bid you goodbye and again I hope this post inspires you to go out and find stuff that suit your style without digging too deep into your pocket. Feel free to leave a comment, be it a question or suggestion.DSC_0223.jpg
Plans are underway to feature this beautiful resort which was the location for this pictures in a post coming soon on my other segment, style& Travellage. So look out for that.
Lovely productive week ahead
                                               love and love
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