Denim Delight

DSC_0104Hello world.

So this happens to be my first post of the year 2016. Hope you having a blessed one, I  sure am despite the little hitches here and there.

If you new to my site, thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you’ll stick around.

So I’ve just started this new category on the blog.



The idea here is to post a look every other Monday if not every Monday .The challenge being putting together a look that is on a strict budget of less than or equal to K sh. 1,000, heck sometimes even K sh.500.

Staying true to what is up on my about page...” catering for people on a budget”

lets get right into today’s look , shall we?DSC_0046

This beautiful A-line denim dungaree dress, that I came across during one of my very frequent thrifting sprees .


Purchased both the dress and the peek a boo crop top underneath the dress on the same day.I  could already visualize how the two would look paired together.

I love thrifting , you never know what you’ll find.


lets get into the price tag for each of the items…DSC_0046

Denim dungaree dress – Ksh. 20

White peek a boo crop top- Ksh. 10

Shoes- Ksh.500

Creme Clutch , Ksh. 8o ( did I mention I bargained for this bag , the guy that was selling it to me was selling it at a hundred shillings, but what can I say, getting him to sell it to me at twenty shillings less made a difference lool .)

Drum roll please…

This entire look was ksh.610

Whoop Whoop!!



The three on my right hand, got them from Hilton Arcade.

The pink pearl bracelet was a gift.

Necklace … Gift

imprvd 3

Having achieved my target and the entire purpose of having this new category on my blog . IMG-20160112-WA0001.jpgI hope this shows you guys how easy it is to look good without  digging too deep into your pocket, and it inspires you to go out and find stuff that suit your style without necessarily digging too deep into  your pocket.DSC_0070

And that is reason enough for me to do a happy swirl.


well I bid you goodbye, until the next post.

imprvd 3

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion  on what you think about this new category as well as anything else you think I ought to add.




Thank you for stopping by

love and love



Have a productive week ahead.




6 thoughts on “Denim Delight

    1. Haha, hey Lily
      the beauty of thrifting , you find really unique stuff at affordable prices.
      i thrift everywhere from Nairobi streets, to mutindwa, etc. This particular was all thrifted from limuru.
      Thank you for reading.


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