Something Gifted,Something Th-rifted.

Hello everybody and welcome to yet another post .
Hope you having yourself a kick -ass day, if not, well worry not. Tomorrow is another day. Make it count, cause after-all , we  are in-charge of our own happiness, ey?
If you new to my site, thank you so much for stopping by.  And hope you’ll stick around.
Moving on, lets talk skirts and travel locations.
So the other day I was listening to the radio, two weeks from now wearing of short skirts, see through tops, tight anything be it a skirt,a dress, or pants will apparently be illegal in Tanzania . Like wow!
But before I move on to what I have for you today … here’s what I have to say concerning this dressing issue. The length of a woman’s skirt should be like an essay, long enough to cover the subject, short enough to keep things interesting.
Okay, now lets change gears.DSC_0121DSC_0167.jpgDSC_0280Everything about this outfit I’m in love with. Was such a hot day, I decided to go for something light and comfy, thus the peek a boo top and the short skirt.DSC_0135DSC_0271.jpg
I was busy typing this post so as to get it you guys as soon as possible, there was this gentleman sitting next to me (total stranger) he was super warm and friendly, he happened to see what I was doing, he created conversation,towards the end as he was getting up to leave, he asked for my blog info and was kind enough to share the link on his social media platforms (i was a bit hesitant when he asked for the link cause I was like, but I blog about fashion  I doubt that’s something you’d be interested to read about but he said to me, I might not be into fashion but am sure someone out there will love your work),such acts of kindness melt my heart (thank you kind sir, might not see you again but thank you!)DSC_0294.jpgDSC_0278.jpgDSC_0207.jpgDo something nice for a total stranger guys, blessings shall follow .DSC_0133Like a tiny dot in a big big world . An ant even. haha.DSC_0283.jpgLets get right into the travel location I have for you today.
This beautiful work of art was the first thing that welcomed us to the beautiful Michelangelo Resort. A really brilliant idea putting it up there if you ask me.DSC_0248Situated along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway
From the Resort one has a really good view of the highway not to mention this beautifully captured swap. If you keen while travelling along this highway I bet this swamp looks familiar.
I promise it looks better when viewed on a laptop than is does on the phone.
How beautiful the cloudy sky looked on this day, just breathtaking.
Michelangelo is one of those must visit places in Limuru.
In my previous post I promised to feature more places in Limuru, am delivering on that promise.
The view is to die for,not to mention the simplicity in the architecture of this place.DSC_0187.jpg
DSC_0280.jpg I was home for the holidays, decided to do one shoot for the blog before I left for school, and Michelangelo was the place of choice. DSC_0276DSC_0014.jpgAccording to the manager(who was very welcoming btw) the putting up of this resort was a tedious job. Given the fact that they had to drill a few feet below the ground .Words don’t even suffice( I THINK IT’S EASIER IF I JUST SHOW YOU GUYS A PICTURE)DSC_0097
Reasons to add it to your bucket list
-It is a serene place, ideal for a quite getaway.
-it is easily accessible (just a 30-45 minutes drive from Nairobi, and a mere 10 minutes drive off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway)
-Security is guaranteed for all guests of the Resort
-Super friendly stuffDSC_0160
DSC_0224.jpgThings to note.
1.You can easily rent out the entire place for an event, be it a wedding, a birthday party, Camping(with friends, family, work colleagues,church etc) , a fashion event, a video launch even . basically any social event .
2. Event photography is at a fee of Ksh. 3000
3. You can choose to have a picnic as you enjoy the  scenery with friends, family or the better half. Charges are KSh.100 per person.
4. if you do decided to go for a picnic here but you prefer to have food made from the resort,well then that is sorted because there is a chef on standby to make you whatever you like.
5. I mentioned it’s possible to rent out the entire place for your event but i left out something crucial. The standard fee for one to take the grounds is at Ksh. 15,000
Something else to take note of , is that for instance of you wanna have a garden wedding here and you have your own catering team that still remains at the standard fee of Ksh.15,000 , but if you’d prefer to use the services of the resort to cater for your food and maybe even the venue setup. That will cost you more all depending on how much you and the manger agree on.
The same applies for a camping retreat, where you’d ;like the resort to provide you with camping gear(you are charged a bit more) while still on camping if you and your friends would prefer to make the food for yourselves during your camping spree the resort is okay with renting out their kitchen to guests this is at a standard fee of Ksh.2000.
I sure hope I didn’t leave out anything , but if you have any questions you can leave them in the comment section down below.
I however have just one tip I’d like to share with you guys. When you plan a visit to Limuru do carry a warm trench or heavy knits with you,not that this is Alaska or anything like that,but the weather is a bit chilly for one that is new to the place.
For instance, I decided to incorporate this cream white blazer to my look.DSC_0193
This picture was out of focus,my “photographer” didn’t want me putting it up here cause apparently its not a good shot. But guess what it made it to the blog. haha
The blazer definitely came in handy, especially towards the the evening as we were wrapping up the shoot. Cause it was rather chilly.
Well, this peeping face, means it’s time to officially wrap this post up.DSC_0130.jpgBut before I go, one last thing to add.. DSC_0279DSC_0160Outfit details!!
Skirt- gift
Crop top- thrifted
Shoes-I buy my shoes from one particular retailer. He’s pretty affordable they were Ksh. 500 DSC_0193DSC_0228.jpg
 Blazer- Also thrift-ed.
Accessorize- DSC_0158The three on my right hand- Got them from an Indian store can’t recall the actual name of the store, but it’s located in Hilton Arcade.
Pink pearl bracelet- Gift
The two layered neck-Pieces were both gifts as well .
Orange earrings.. From a random shop in the CBDDSC_0119Come to think of it, this post is comprised of so many gifted possessions. Thank you for the gifts , keep em coming . ummh….*crickets*
Anyway guys that’s the end of my rather lengthy post, had so much fun putting this post together,hope you enjoyed it.
Well it’s off to the poolside for me to chill and work out a plan as I get my head wrapped around the fact that am back in session on Monday.
But for now… POOLSIDE!DSC_0089.jpgDSC_0139.jpgDSC_0144.jpgRandom shots sugar my tea,and on that note, here are a few of them. I promise am done typing now.DSC_0257DSC_0277DSC_0219DSC_0152Well that’s it guys, do have yourselves a blessed week . I’ll see you soon
And as always feel free to leave a comment, suggestions as well. Maybe on places you think I ought to feature on the blog.
Thanks for reading. until next time…
Know  yourself, know your worth,
while you’re at it,
Tembea Kenya.
Love and Love 

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