Of Black Tulle Skirts…

Indeed it has been a minute since I last posted.
Life happened. My apologies guys.
Am going to try my best despite the little hitches here and there to become consistent.
Welcome to yet another CHEAP MONDAYS post, get ready to be inspired by this all black look I put together.
If you new to my blog, thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll stick around.
Hello Monday!
Of black tulle skirts, black tank tops and nude heels.DSC_0384 (2)DSC_0368 (2)
Anyone that knows me, knows am such a lover of color (in terms of my clothes). In my head there were so many other ways to wear this black tulle skirt, but I figured why not try this.
This black tank top I have had for the longest time, I remember buying it back when I was a raging teenager in high school. I have to admit the graphite on the top especially the skull head are the main reason I bought this top. I blame that on discovering rock music (which am still very much a fan of ).
DSC_0378 (2)This black tulle skirt was a gift from my mum. She is all kinds of awesome.
The detail at the bottom of the skirt I am in love with.
Not to mention the fact that it is black, makes it even more chic. Black is indeed timeless and there’s so many ways to wear a black skirt.
With that said , I think am gonna incorporate more blacks into my wardrobe.
You should as well (if you haven’t already)
DSC_0377 (2)A little leg action never hurt nobody.DSC_0371 (2) (2)Shot this pictures awhile back but it has taken me this long to realize that I could actually make a post on this outfit. Which is rather sad, I know.DSC_0379DSC_0356 (2)
DSC_0369 (2)Outfit Details
Black Tulle Skirt- Gift from my mum
Black Tank top- Thrift @Ksh.100
Nude Heels- Ksh.700
Drum roll please
Total cost of this outfit. Ksh.800
But I’ve gone ahead to list the cost of the accessories as well…
Statement Necklace-  Ksh.600 . I truly treasure this neck-piece, was one of the things I invested in when I got my first salary. That was three years ago and it is still in great condition.
Earings- Ksh.100
Both bangles- Gifts DSC_0366//Tip// Go ahead and add a statement neck-piece to an all black look, to give it more va va vum . It goes a long way in spicing up the look.
Photography: Topart photography
Blessed week ahead everyone.
Thanks for reading.
Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.
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3 thoughts on “Of Black Tulle Skirts…

  1. Great job..i so love your sense of sytle that keeps me glued to your blogs
    and your composition of the blog titles is just super eloquent. Keep up the great work, pysche and inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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