For starters, dear Kenyan government please tell us that you’ve allocated funds for this solar we are currently experiencing… like you did with El nino. lol! . The heat in Nairobi is seriously unbearable!

And to other news,  I realize I went off the grid. My apologies. I missed doing my shoots and even more blogging and giving you guys style inspo as well as travel inspo.

Over the last month it has become a bit tricky for me to stay consistent on here. Owing to a few glitches here and there, but I’m not about to give up. Not at all.  Bear with me till I can get stuff in order.

Hello loves … if you’re new to my site, thanks for stopping by,  hope you’ll stick around.

So about today’s post…

 I was going through the gazillion pictures I have from different shoots, and today this particular pictures felt ready to be put up.

When you have so much time on your hands, and you and the hubs decide to do a mini shoot on the railway tracks. This is what happens.

I present to you, this very random shoot (Which we had a fun time shooting).


Here are a few fun facts about this shoot.

For starters we shot these pictures sometime last year (2015) and they’ve just been sitting in a folder collecting dust… not really haha, but you get what I mean. If you’ve been following me onInstagram.  then  you have probably seen some of these pictures on there.

Even more interesting, is the fact that at the time I wasn’t taking the pictures with the intent to put together a blog post. Just a girl that loved posing for pictures and happened to have a super talented photographer for a better half. We would spend an afternoon having a good laugh and shooting. It helps when you and your partner’s likes are aligned.

So here we are, a year down the line.DSC_0050-2.jpg


So about this look.

The dress is an oldie,bought it like two years ago. From the floral top of the dress to the black bottom bit of the dress, not to mention the length ( any day is a good day to show legs, don’t you agree?). The detail on the bust area of the dress was the reason I bought this piece,it is very well fitted at the top, the buttons on the bust give it an even more girly look. Quite a shame that this was the last time I remember wearing this dress.

Paired the dress with this ankle strap heels.


DSC_0031 (2).jpg

As we’re currently dealing with the insane heat in Nairobi, on this particular day the wind was my biggest problem.

I’d pick a windy day, over this insanely hot conditions.

It got so windy at some point, made shooting impossible. The hair and the dress were all over the place.Haha

It’s safe to say, I worked that railway like a pro!

Here’s what I mean…

DSC_0061 (3).JPG

DSC_0045 (2).jpg

Had fun putting together this look.

For the accessories I went with a metallic feel, nothing colorful (the hint of color from the dress was more than enough)

A statement neck piece

Cuff bracelet and bangles completed the accessories.


DSC_0052 (2).JPG

It’s amazing how much beauty there is around us. Going through these  pictures reminds me of how beautiful this place is . Explore the places around you, you’ll be surprised at how beautiful your surroundings can be.

DSC_0093 (2).JPG


DSC_0096-2DSC_0074 (2).jpg

Happy Easter Holidays guys, I’m really looking forward to the long weekend.

While at the same time keeping in mind the reason for the season.

Looking forward to spending this next couple of days with the people that matter most in my life.

Any plans for the Easter Holidays? Feel free to leave them in the comment section

Whatever your plan is for Easter, stay safe and be blessed.

I’ll see you all on the next post.DSC_0048.jpg Love& Love Nimz…

And as always comments and suggestions are Welcome.


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