Lace, Florals & Nature.

Hey loves.
Welcome to yet another post. If you new to my site thanks for stopping by, and hope you’ll stick around…
Today’s post is rather brief but at the same time interesting.
STYLE// Nature fusion.
So awhile back we embarked on a little Nature walk and sight seeing, when I say walk I mean we literally walked a whopping 5 kilometers (TO AND FROM)
I love taking walks, especially in places where nature is involved it’s a really good form of therapy. On the other hand , I’m the laziest person when it comes to exercising especially running.
Having grown up in the beautiful highlands. I gotta admit it’s quiet a shame that I hadn’t seen tea plantations till the other day . But now that I have, I gotta admit this view is spectacular.  As far as the eye can see,Acres and Acres of tea lush green tea plantations.
Becoming one with nature…
Being out here, makes you realize why Wangare Maathai was so passionate about nature and was even willing to give her life for this noble cause.
True Heroine
Now about the outfit of choice for this walk. Decided to go with something simple yet fun.
A floral skater skirt paired with a white lace crop top was the outfit of choice.
DSC_0047 (2)
A simple outfit that could easily transition into a lunch date outfit. Or even a movie date( with a few alterations of cause, for instance the shoes)
DSC_0075 (2)DSC_0045 (2)DSC_0073 (2)
Outfit details
Skirt- thrift
Top; thrift
Shoes- from a very affordable shop that makes free deliveries within the CBD. You can reach them on 0707691482. 
Bag – Thrift
Can we all just agree I’m the ultimate thriftier.
Cuff- Gift from mum
kitenge bangle DIY
necklace … Gift
DSC_0094 (3)DSC_0074 (2)
Photography… TOPART Photography
Location….. Limuru , Kenya.
DSC_0007.jpgDSC_0084 (2)DSC_0142.JPG
I definitely plan on going back to these two locations and doing something else around here. So watch out for that, on posts coming soon on the blog.
There’s still so much beauty to share with you guys .
DSC_0137 (2)
Until then, stay safe and be blessed.
Have a beautiful slightly cloudy, might rain weekend.
Hello Nairobi weather. Ooh well
See you all on the next post.
Love& Love

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