Romper love.

Funny how one minute it’s hot as hell. And the next I’m reaching to the back of my closet for my chunky knits,trench coats, boots and an umbrella.
The rainy season is here Nairobi.
But before I totally get into the all covered up looks, I thought to myself why not remind myself of some good old summer moments.
Hello and welcome to yet another CHEAP MONDAYS post.
If you are new to my site, thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around.
On today’s post we are talking onesies and how easy it is to style them.
Rompers !
If you are a color and print lover like myself then you would probably understand how much love I have for this particular Rompers.  From the color to the detail  at the back of the Rompers. Total joy I tell you, haha.
Rompers, just like jumpsuits are very easy to work with. There’s no pairing needed with these pieces.
For those days you can’t find anything to wear. Just reach for a pair and you good to go hunnie.
DSC_0490 (2)
MOOD. If Beyonce says we leaving our niggas, we leaving our niggas. You not gonna catch me out of formation.     On the real though, have you guys watched Beyonce’s new visual LEMONADE? If you are  yet to get on board, I suggest you do .


Here are a few things to help you pick the right type of romper.
Rompers come in varying length which is why it’s key to know your body type as this will guide you towards picking rompers with the perfect length. For the petite ladies (like myself)above the knee is the way to go as it elongates your body.
As for the taller ladies you can pull of the midi length rompers.
Apart from the floor length, the sleeve length is also just as important. If you have shapely arms you can pull off wearing rompers that are sleeveless/strapless or those with a tank top. Long sleeves rompers on the other hand or hand can help to hide some less than perfect features.
PS. When it comes to the length you could simply go by the length you’d normally wear for shorts. Now, add an inch to that and you have yourself the perfect romper length.Esp where raffles are involved you’ll need that extra inch to make sure your tush  isn’t sticking out as you go about your day.
  1. The fit and size.
Buying the right size is very important, especially in avoiding a came toe. If at all the romper is hugging you at the front, the solution is to simply go a size up! Problem solved.
If you are Pear shaped ,try finding rompers that draw attention to the top as this will help to balance your frame. Eg collars and embellishments.
Hour glass- since your equally proportional (which makes it so easy for you to pull off any romper) you can rock a V-neck romper,clinched waist.Go for rompers that compliment your curves.
Apple– This body type tends to be thicker at the waist. The key is to find a romper that will clinch that waist and make it appear smaller. Go for rompers with a gathered waist , those with a tie. If you have rompers that don’t have a wait tie you could always add a belt to help clinch that waist , And you are good to go !
Top heavy– If you are bigger at the top, smaller on the bottom. The key to pulling off a romper, is to avoid ruffled tops, long necklines as this will only make your bust area look bigger. You need to create an illusion of evenness. Try a strapless top or a wrap neckline.
When in doubt, a good rule to follow is to pick one that is loosely fitted and draped but at the same time clings your waist.
  1. Buy a solid color .
This one applies most when purchasing your first romper.You cannot go wrong with a solid colored rompers. For the petite stripes and prints are the way to go ( they help to create volume) but don’t go Halloween crazy with the prints , it will end up overwhelming your small frame.
As for the tall slender ladies, I suggest you try some ruffles and bows, For some extra fun and feminine effect.
Now when it comes to accessorizing it’s all up to personal preferences.
I went with a statement neck-piece with a metallic feel to simply balance things. Seeing how the rompers are already colorful.
Chose earrings that sort of went with the color of the jumpsuit thus the pink earrings and matching lippie.
Nude heels because I wanted to draw attention to the rompers without making the shoes look like they were competing with the outfit.
And not forgetting the two cuffs on my wrists .Just like the neck-piece .Metallic feel.
Remember. Personal style is all about been comfortable in what you wear. If you prefer something a little bit longer than this pair of rompers, but would love to rock a one piece. You could always settle for a jumpsuit, or a pair of rompers that are of your desired length.
Have fun discovering your sense of style. Experiment.
And remember to take your confidence with you the minute you step out. How you carry yourself matters a lot.
PS. You can also make rompers work for you during those chilly days. For instance you could wear black tights with the rompers to help keep you warm, a pair of ankle boots and throw on a trench coat or a chunky sweater.

DSC_0457 (2).jpg

Now to the key part of this post.
Rompers… Ksh. 30
Shoes… Ksh. 500
Cuffs.. Gifts
Necklace… I honestly can’t recall how much this was . Bought it like 3 years ago.
Drum roll please! . Total cost of this look
Ksh. 530
I truly hope this post was insightful and you guys learnt something from it.
Let me know  what you think of this post and the tips provided.
Suggestions are also very welcome.
Random shots sugar my tea and on that note . I’ll leave you guys with a few of them.


I Can get very random guys. haha
DSC_0446 (2).jpg
Because I literally live on my phone.
Now before I go. Let me take a selfie.
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Until next time have yourselves a blessed week .
See you all on the next post.
Love& Love




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