DSC_0015How’s Tuesday looking on your end?
Well mine is a lazy one. I’m still in my PJs, head scarf on, a bowl of cereal and catching up on my new favorite series.
Well I’m pretty late to the party but better late than never, ey? You must be wondering what I’m referring to. Well, I’m referring to the fact that before 2 weeks ago I hadn’t really bothered with the GOT fever that has being going around for a while( try 5 years) lol!
What I mean to say is, I just recently watched season 1. Now, before you gasp and wonder which rock I’ve been living under, allow me to redeem myself by pointing out that, 2 weeks down the line I am officially at season 6. Whoop Whoop!
Oh the joy at finally joining in on Game Of Thrones related conversations. And more so I finally get the humor in all the GOT related memes on my timeline. Ooh happy day!
I gotta say I absolutely love the Mother of Dragons, how she commands respect and how much of a leader she is. Girl power! Though I still look forward to an episode where no one dies haha , too many deaths on this show .If you’re yet to watch GOT, well I’m here to psych you up. Trust me, once you get the hang of who’s who in season one, you’ll be obsessed. I find that the 1st and maybe 2nd episodes are always the trickiest in any series but after that you get the hang of it and wallah! new addiction.
GOT aside, Hello and welcome to yet a new post.
I’d like to start by thanking you all for the feedback and love on my last post. I truly wish you guys all the best as you come up with your bucket lists and good luck achieving the things on your list.
To those that have been constantly asking why it’s been so long since I lasted posted, my apologies guys. I have a few camera related issues but I’m hopeful that God will make a way.
If you new to my site, thanks for stopping by, and hope you’ll stick around.
Now on today’s post.


Featuring this beautiful black tulle skirt paired with a pink tank top.
It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with Tulle skirts. This is actually the second Tulle that I have featured on the blog.
Find the other Tulle feature HERE and see how I styled it.

DSC_0024 (2)

Remember the first thing at the top of my 25 THINGS BEFORE 25.  That’s right, learn how to sew. And among the first things on my sewing list, making a bunch of tulles in different designs.
The downside is that I am yet to take up those sewing classes, mainly because I’m told it’s gonna take up to 3 months (sighs) time is what I don’t have unfortunately . Given the number of things I have to juggle. But before I figure out how to squeeze those lessons to my schedule, my lovely tailor is going to save the day (as usual) she’ll work her magic. I will be sharing the Tulles me and her come up with on the blog real soon .Do look out for that in a post coming soon to the blog.

DSC_0020 (2)-4

LOCATION: Somewhere on a rooftop, in what is said to be the coldest place In Kenya.
Photography by : Topart PhotographY . For shoots or enquirers you can reach him on patricknjugunah18@gmail.com.

DSC_0023 (3)

Pink tank top. Thrift store
Skirt: stolen from my cousin’s wardrobe. Hi Winnie!
Shoes. All-time favorite store you can reach the owner on (free deliveries within the CBD)
NOTE TO SELF; I seriously need to give this shoes a break.
Pink pear bracelet: Gift.
Kitenge/ African print bracelet: DIY
Necklace: Gift



Have yourselves a fabulous week.
Before I go, here’s a movie I’d love to recommend. EYE IN THE SKY
I watched this movie a week ago (the night before the terrorist attack in Orlando)
I don’t recall the last time a movie moved me so deeply. Heck I don’t even recall the last time I recommend a movie as a must watch. But this particular movie is worth that 2 hours. Based upon the fight against terrorism specifically in Kenya (the militia group known as the AL-shabaab) with the help of the US and British governments. This movie had me on the edge of my sit the whole time. The number of times I screamed at the screen “someone please buy the darn bread” once you have watched the movie you will understand what I mean.
Having lost a really good friend to the terrorist attack on Garissa University last year, watching this brought back the anger and pain. How many innocent people, men, women and children will have to die before this inhumane acts come to an end.
FVck ratings. This movie holds a special place in my heart, hope it will in yours as well.
Happy watching.


Let’s sugar some tea with a random picture galore.


DSC_0032 (2)

And with that I bid you good bye. See you soon .

If you are in Nairobi (where the rain and the cold wont let us prosper) do keep warm.

Have yourselves a lovely week . Oh and remember to check out EYE IN THE SKY.





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