Romance Fever!

Is it just me or who else has noticed how everyone seems to be expectant, or already has a beautiful baby? Speaking of babies I think the 21st century toddlers just know how to slay in selfies. Have you seen the number of beautiful baby pictures all over Instagram?. You should see my baby pictures *sighs* maybe then you’d understand that pictures were a struggle back in the day.
The other thing that seems to be happening a lot is engagements. Someone please fill me in. What is with the romance fever? Not that I’m hating guys. Quite the opposite actually.
Which is why I put this post together for all the soon to be brides.
That’s right, wedding gowns!
So this pictures have been sitting in a folder for months.
Thought I’d compile them into a blog post.
So let’s get into it. Shall We?
Hello and welcome. If you are new to my site, thanks for stopping by.
Going to the chapel and we gonna get married !
Ps I want this song playing in the background come the day I’m getting all dolled up for my wedding.


Here are 5 do’s and dont’s when it comes to picking a wedding dress.
We obviously know the first thing you should have when going to try out gowns, have like two friends(who’ll be honest) come with you to pick the perfect dress.
Now to the other points.
1. First things first, set a budget. That way you won’t blow too much money and leave another area of the wedding planning struggling. To help you come up with a rough estimate of how much money to spend you could start by goggling wedding gown costs , or visiting wedding blogs, picking out dresses you like and finding out the approximate cost of these dresses.
This will save you the confusion when you actually get to the bridal store because you will have an idea of what you are looking for plus you’ll already know how much you are willing to spend.
2. Start looking early enough. This will save you the headache of last minute searches, and if at all you have to get the dress shipped into the country there is plenty of time for it to get here in good time. Not to mention if you decide to get a custom made gown, gives the designer more than enough time to deliver without both of you feeling stressed out due to last minute rush.
3. Get to the bridal store early enough. This way ,you, your friends and the bridal store attendants are all fresh and feeling in the mood to look at 60+ gowns.
4. Think about the wedding day; Is it a beach wedding vs. ballroom reception. Or maybe an outdoor wedding vs. ballroom reception. Different styles of wedding means different styles of dresses.
5. Personal style and body type– Been your big day, not to put pressure on you but Girl! You got to slay! No room for mistakes. Pick something that flatters your figure, at the same time pick something you’ll be comfortable in. In terms of the neckline, waistline, the length, train, sleeves.
Now, onto the dresses.
I’ll put them in categories.
First up for those whose dream gown is puffy and/or has a train that stretches out two meters behind you.
Second up. The super light, body hugging gowns.
Fit and Flare.
And then there are those that are light with a more detailed train.

This particular dresses are pretty easy to walk around in,dance etc .Thanks to the detachable train.


This next one is for the dramatic at heart that  want to go crazy on their wedding day. The  edgy show stopping wedding gowns.


And then there are those where if the fabric is in plenty , well then go crazy!

Seriously though how much fabric went into making this gown? Any guesses? Haha.

Well that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. I will see you all on the next one.

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Thanks for stopping by.If you getting married any time soon a big congratulations, happy wedding gown hunting.

ps,the pictures were sourced from the internet.I DON’T CLAIM RIGHTS TO THEM

Love & Love .



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