13 Things You Should Know Before Dating A fashion Blogger / Fashion Girl…

PP IIIWhy hello.
If you’re new to my site thanks for stopping by. Hope you will stick around.
On today’s post, I will be sharing a few fun facts every guy should know…
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On today’s post I’ll be sharing a few things every guy should know before dating a fashion blogger / fashion girl.
This is a fun post inspired by random talks with the Hubs, he’s always threatening to one day write an expose on me; apparently on how annoying life is when dating a fashion girl.
He was more than happy to contribute to this article, by pointing out things he’s observed over time.
Though I disagree with him on calling me annoying, I figured I’d beat him to it and post a list.
So here we go.
13 Things to know before dating A FASHION BLOGGER/ FASHION GIRL.
  1. You better be good at taking pictures: Because her life pretty much revolves around capturing every minute of the day; be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner ( y’all know by now , don’t touch that food till she gets the perfect shot for the gram) Not to mention OOTD pictures.
Have you noticed how many bloggers have their boyfriends/ hubbys to thank for their blog pictures or YouTube videos? Me been one of them (dating a photographer has its perks).
  1. We love to text long -This one was pointed out to me by a friend. According to him, I love typing long replies. We argued about it for about an hour.It took my going through old texts from our conversations (and my convos with other people) to realize OMG he’s actually right. Words are our thing.Everyone enjoys waking up to an essay reply at 7 am, right guys? Lol! don’t answer that .
  1. She can and will still your clothes. You know how girls never seen to have anything to wear?, well with bloggers its worse. Despite having a tone of clothes to pick from, a girl just has moments where nothing in her wardrobe seems to be working. Get ready to embrace magical dwindling in your closet. From your T-shirts, your sweaters, hats, sunglasses, heck maybe even your jeans and your happy socks collection of course.PP I
  2. Speaking of clothes here’s another thing you should know. Drastic wardrobe changes are coming your way – What I mean is, your girl will have a say in what you wear. Well not in a dictatorial kinda way more like she’ll slowly transform your wardrobe; here is how.Remember that hideous pair of jeans you’ve been holding on to for like the past 7 years?. Initially they were blue in color but now they are so faded we can’t even tell what color they are anymore. Well you might just wake up one day and find them gone my friend. She’ll slowly transform your wardrobe by getting you gifts, it could be a cool well fitted sweater today, a really well tailored suit the next day, a new pair of jeans and some Aldo shoes even. Not to mention she will come along when you shopping and make suggestions like, “babe try that bow tie, hun you would look dashing with that cravat inside your coat “. But trust me, you’ll thank her for it.
  3. Don’t question what she wears – four little words will be so familiar to you “what are you wearing?!”, because 70 percent of the time you don’t get her clothes. She is in neon today, tomorrow in some weirdly layered outfit.pppppp6.You are suddenly familiar with certain fashion terminologies- By hanging out with her/ living with her. You can now tell the difference between a jumpsuit and a romper, heck you even know what a cravat is .
    7.She is always scouting for the perfect locations to take pictures. You might be out for lunch or dinner and she’s obsessed with the decor in the place. Next thing you know she is dragging you along to go see if you can talk to the manager about maybe shooting from there sometime.
8.Shopping counts as a date. Shopping is a girl’s best friend! There’s no such thing as having too many clothes or shoes. We can ditch the lunch plans and go shopping instead. Ps be prepared to spend close to 4 hours being asked for opinions on whatever she picks out.PP IIIII9. Perfect Shots junkie . Addicted to her pictures, nothing makes her happier than going through pictures you guys took and finding 20 perfect shots for the blog. Watch her go gaga over her pictures 601 times a day.
10. Always on time *scratch that * The girl is never on time!15 minutes is barely enough for her to dress, neither is 45 nor 1 hour. A girl has to weigh her options before leaving the house. 6 outfit changes later maybe she’ll be ready. Regardless of whether she had an outfit picked out the night before. For some weird reason she is never ready on time.PP IIII11.Be prepared to read about yourself – Need I emphasize on this how. * QUICK SURVEY* how many times have I mentioned him in this post? She’ll write a lot about you in her blog posts. Which I think is sweet.
12. She has her tailor on speed dial – Because she (tailor) is the real MVP!
13. Perks perks perks – well its not all bad guys, dating a blogger or a fashion girl has its advantages . You get free passes to all the events that she is invited to (thanks to her blogging career) free booze and all . That makes it all worth-it . Right guys? *insert wink face* PP IIOutfit Details.
Dress-         H&M (one of the things I own thanks to my grandpa’s generosity)
Shoes-        Reach Evans on 0707691482 (free deliveries in the CBD)
Necklace – Bought along Moi Avenue
Earrings –     Jewelry store in town.
Belt –                Gift
Cuff –            Gift from my mum.
photography : Topart Photography
I hope you enjoyed the post, as much as I did putting it together.
One last thing I’d like to add, there is more to bloggers than just caring about our looks.
Intelligence. Caring. Human.
To all the guys, I hope this was insightful.
Now, grab some roses, a box of chocolate and go for it!
Or maybe just pick up the phone, call her and see if she’d like go out on a date with you (i.e. for those that are still in the getting to know each other stage)
For those already dating, engaged or married to a blogger/ fashion girl. Well you my friend, are the real MVP.
CHEERS to happy relationships, and to how much she annoys you. What is love if she doesn’t annoy you?
Now. To my favorite part of my posts…
Lets sugar some tea, with a random pictures galore!
PP III (2).jpg
I would love to hear from you.
If you are a blogger or just a girl that loves fashion and you can relate to any of the things I have listed , please let me now in the comments section. You can also add more points in the comment section.
If you are a guy, that’s dating a fashion girl and you can relate to the things in this post, let me know as well in the comments. You could also add more points .
Would be lovely to hear from you all.
I will see you on my next post.
Until then keep smiling .
                                                                      With love Nimz

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