10 Tips On How To Glam Up In 15 Minutes.

DSC_0058-2.jpgAs promised on my earlier post, I’m gonna try my best to be consistent. That said, here’s the second post of the week.
Hello and welcome. If you are new to my site, thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll stick around.
On today’s post I’m gonna try and help us ladies, solve one of our biggest problems.DSC_0063-2.jpg


DSC_0067-2.jpgSo, you either have school, work, a job interview, a flight to catch or a really hot date to get to. And you know you can’t afford to be late.
You intend on keeping time, but you’re late either way. One of the biggest reasons we are late is because its takes us forever to dress up.
Changes outfit 38 times…
Goes with first option
Ladies does that sound familiar?
I see you nodding your head in agreement.DSC_0068-2-2.jpg


DSC_0061-2.jpgWell I’m no exception. When I have school most mornings I either end up skipping breakfast or grabbing a snack and eating is as I rush off to class. Reason being despite waking up an hour before class, I always end up using up all my time on dressing and have no time to sit and have breakfast.  I’m honestly not a morning person (like most) which is why I try to avoid picking morning classes and go for afternoon classes instead .But some semesters I have no option but to pick a morning class. (I love my school curriculum for the freedom to pick my hours) .Anyhow it’s my getting late to all my morning classes (don’t tell my mum), and getting late to dates that I thought I’d come up with a few tips to help me save time and be dressed in 15 minutes {not just dressed, but dressed and ready to slay}
If you feel me on this, then keep reading …DSC_0086-3.jpg
 How to glam up in 15 minutes 
  1. Pick out an outfit the night before – this will definitely help save you time in the morning and energy as well, as you don’t have to rampage through your wardrobe trynna find something to wear.
My room was clean but I had to find something to wear .When it looks like a tornado hit your room and you know you gonna have to clean that up in the evening, then go through the same process all over again the following day.But with an outfit picked up prior your room will still be in order. Take advantage of the time you have the evening before to go through different options and you’ll eventually settle for something.
2.Wake up an hour earlier – so for instance you have to be at work by 8.30, or class etc. . . . Buy yourself time by waking up at 7.30. But if you are as terrible as I am at keeping time wake up at 7 am. Which in my case means snoozing the alarm for 15 minutes before eventually waking up at 7: 15, siting in bed for 10 minutes thinking how tired I am, another 15 going through my  feed …guys I’m a lost cause . But y’all get my point, be up in good time. Gives you time to dress and actually take breakfast.
This point will obviously depend on a few factors. E.g. the proximity of your place to work, to school. The further away, the earlier you gotta be up.
3. Now that you are up – let’s work on how to utilize that time. For starters shower less, what I mean is try not to take more time than is necessary in the shower. Less time in the shower will mean you have a few extra minutes to get your outfit right.
4. Stick to simple makeup – One of the other major reasons we are ever late is because we spend quite a huge amount of the time doing our make-up (I’m not trying to say don’t do makeup no more).All I’m saying is stick to a simple look if you are pressed for time. That sure beats walking around with uneven eyebrows, makeup that clearly isn’t well blended, you end up looking like a clown.
How to apply liquid eye liner when you are already late step 1 Don’t!DSC_0070-3.jpg
DSC_0112-3-2.jpg5. Onesies and matching sets _ if you are really having a hard time picking something. Onesies such as jumpsuits are your go to, or try going for matching separates like that body con skirt in your closet paired with its matching crop top. All you gotta do after that is pick the right jewelry, shoes and purse. And you out the door in 15 minutes.
6. Go for basics _ T-shirt and jeans kind of vibe. Looks that will be super easy for you to come up with. This one will save you time because you don’t have to put too much thought into it.
7. Favorite outfit to the rescue – Every girl has that one outfit that always comes to her rescue, it fits right in all the right places. If you don’t have the time to try come up with an outfit.Grab that!
8. Hire a stylist – Girl! If everything else fails this might as well be your last option. It would be nice to have someone do all the work for you, someone that knows what will work for your schedule, skin, silhouette heck even your mood!
I need me a stylist!
9. Confidence _ as the saying goes the most attractive thing a woman can wear is confidence!
So strut it baby girl! Strut it with confidence!



tip 7b( yes i just made that a thing) If you decide to go with your favorite outfit to the rescue. Try glam it up a little different from the usual . Eg if it’s a dress paired with your favorite heels add more character to the look for instance add a trench, or  cape ( Like i did) . Paired with a unique clutch 
Outfit Details
Dress & Shoes (thrift Gems)
Belt & loops (from my mum’s closet)
Chocker & Ring (beauty shop in the CBD)
Black Cape & Envelope clutch (Thrift Gems)
DSC_0088.jpgWell that is it for today’s post.
fjHope this post was helpful .
Let me know in the comment section. Would also love to hear some of your tips.
I’ll see you all on the next post .
Thanks for stopping by . Love & Love Nimz.



7 thoughts on “10 Tips On How To Glam Up In 15 Minutes.

  1. My friend I would take you on a date even if you only wore that dress and nothing else, it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!! As a man I can get dressed in 5 minutes flat, but some advice (like having a staple and deciding before hand) will help me also. Thanks for a good read, and some really great photos! ps. LOVE THE DRESS SO MUCH!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Benjamin. I’m really flattered. 5 Minutes! Wow! how I wish I could dress up that fast … Glad you found a tip that will be of help to you. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment . Highly appreciated . I also really love this dress .

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the dress n the ………….. … I will try this 15 minute thingy but I can already smell failure….what we that again…. . Lost cause……. 😁😯

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the dress ………… … I will try this 15 minutes thingy but I can already smell failure….what was that again…. . Lost cause……. 😁😯


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