One on One With Nancie Mwai .

So I’m officially kick starting a new category on the blog. Like I mentioned  in this post.
In this category I’ll be featuring bloggers and people in the fashion industry by doing a short interview on them.
Aimed at giving you a chance to get to know your other favorite bloggers a little bit better as well as get to discover new ones.
On today’s post.
We are featuring the beautiful super flawless Nancie Mwai. When I learnt that she was gonna be back to blogging after taking a long break, I was ecstatic and immediately subscribed to her blog like a month before she started posting. She is one of my favorite Kenyan fashion bloggers.One of the main things I love about Nancie is the love she has for upcoming bloggers, she’s not selfish about sharing what she has learnt over the years about blogging. I personally have learnt so much from her blog post series on  blogging.  So you know how you get on YouTube looking for makeup tutorials but all the tutorials on there are just nowhere near home? WELL solution found. Follow her on YouTube she does  phenomenal makeup.
without further ado, let’s get into it …
how-to-start-a-blog-nancie-mwai-6Question: Why blogging? What inspired you to start your blog in the first place, and eventually came back to it after taking a break for a while?
Nancie Mwai:   Fashion inspired me to start a blog. I was an avid reader of fashion blogs since after high school and I continued reading them till I enrolled in USIU, then I started my blog. I took a break for 8 months plus. The reason I did that was to detach myself from my blog and get to miss it for a while. I’m glad I did.
Question: Apart from blogging, what else are you passionate about?
Nancie Mwai:   I’m passionate about retail, I have a store Neon 27  that I’ll be relaunching soon, I also love photography and of course travelling.camo-jacket-nancie-mwai-5Question: What does a typical day look like for you?
Nancie Mwai:   I feel like I’m always in front of my laptop the whole day, other than that I spend a lot of time with my daughter.
Question: Three things you are currently obsessing over
Nancie Mwai:   Cornrows, my camera and my chunky heels.
valentines-day-night-look-nancie-mwai-5-1Question: A random thing that your readers don’t know about you.
Nancie Mwai :   I’m short, I’m 5ft 4’
Question: How do you unwind after a long hectic day?
Nancie Mwai: Spending time with my daughter … I’ll forget I’m tired when I see her.
nancie-mwai-5-mistakes-ive-made-as-a-blogger-6Question: What do you think is the best social media strategy to getting more visitors to a blog?
Nancie Mwai: Consistently putting out content.camo-jacket-nancie-mwai-2
work-hard-be-brave-nancie-mwai-6Question : And lastly , I can’t let you go without pointing how awesome your make-up game usually is… Any tips to beginners?
Nancie Mwai : Thank you. I’d urge any beginners to first master how to do their eyebrows. The next thing would be to get a good foundation. Consume YouTube makeup videos to learn new skills every now and then.
 I hope you got to learn something new about Nancie and hopefully drew some inspiration from this post.
If you loved this feature on Nancie go ahead and follow her blog, Instagram and don’t forget to check out her YouTube Channel  for inspo on makeup, as well as fashion.
Pictures sourced from as well as her  instagram
Would love to hear from you. Learnt anything new about her from this post? Share it in the comment section.
And do let me know if you like this type of posts.
Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with my posts.nancie-mwai-2A big thank you to Nancie for taking the time to answer the questions .
You are such a gem!

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