Quick Whip-up…

njnhxdcvb-2.jpgHello and welcome to yet another Cheap Mondays post. If you are in Nairobi, i hope you are having yourself a lovely day despite the sightly cloudy might rain weather we are currently experiencing.

If you are new to my site thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around.



kihdfdfg-2.jpgOn today’s post we are featuring this beautiful floral number paired with this pants.

I’m gonna keep it real short today as I have a tonne pf things that need to get done today. Aldulting is so much work you guys * sob sob * .



jikzjidfkco-2.jpgI put this look together for a simple lazy Saturday of shooting pictures with my brother . Here is a fun fact/ tip from this look , maximize on your clothes by learning how to pair them in more than one way . For instance take this floral top in this post, it is actually a romper . I simply put the pants over the romper and wallah !…

What do you think of this look ? Is it a yay or a nay ? let me know in the comment section .

Have any fun ways you pair/ style your clothes would love to know , leave me a comment in the comment section .rtygh-2-2-2.jpg



Outfit Details.

Floral top ( romper) – ksh. 30

Pants – Ksh. 50

Total cost = ksh. 80 !



jhznsd-2.jpgA tip on thrift shopping as I earlier mentioned in tips I shared on this post. When it comes to thrifting be open minded , if you happen to come across an item that would suit your style but happens to be like two sizes bigger, so long as you have a mental picture of how to make it work , and you have a bomb tailor then you all sorted. For instance this pants were huge when I bought them but my tailor and I worked on making them my size and here we are a few alterations later!poilu-2.jpg


ghj-2.jpgWell that is it for today’s post . zxdfgvb-2-2.jpg

wse-2.jpgThanks so much for reading .

Love & Love

Nimz .




3 thoughts on “Quick Whip-up…

    1. Hi Sarmistha.
      Haha , I also pair pants over dresses all the time ! Do try pairing stuff this way, I feel like rompers are sort of like bodysuits, you don’t have to keep tucking in its a really clean look (Rompers work skirts as well btw). Glad you learnt a new trick from this post.Thank you so much for leaving a comment . Will definitely pass by your blog .


  1. Eh smettila una buona volta, sei insopportabile. Sei peggio di una acida zitellona. Non parlare più. Fai sacrifici e digiuni, come chiede la Regina della Pace. Vai a chiuderti dentro villapizzone, a bose a piona o dove cavolo vuoi tu. tornatene a napoli, statti con saviallo e scrivete un libro per aumentare l’odio verso b., a sei mani: tu, lui e la beln/laointelligente. Tu temperi le matite e svuoti i cestini.


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