7 Tips On Building Self Confidence.

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Time and time again, the one thing  I feel  remains constant in every guide book you read on how to dress up and slay is that confidence is a major part of pulling off any look. Confidence is sexy!
xbj.jpgYou could have a bunch of stylists at your disposal , picking out the best most exclusive outfits for you (not that I am throwing shade boo, I want me a stylist too) , or you could rock a really weird outfit but people look at you and think damn! Doesn’t she look good? My point here is, how you carry yourself sells your outfit.
As the saying goes the most attractive thing a woman can wear is confidence.
So on today’s post I am sharing 7 things that I feel will boost your confidence, then we can translate that positive energy on how we look at ourselves into the clothes we wear. Because I want to do more than just post pictures of what I wear. I want to feel like I am doing some good through this space so I thought why not help somebody out there that is kind of struggling with loving themselves .xvb-2.jpg
xv c.jpg7 ways to boost your confidence.
  1. Smile more – Learn to smile and laugh more, don’t be one of those people that are always frowning. It will not only make you look prettier but also adds years and helps keep wrinkles at bay, not to mention it makes you look more approachable .
  2. While we are on the topic of looking approachable, try and socialize with people. If you are one of the really shy type/ an introvert, making new friends can be hard (I know ) but in the long run socializing helps you get out of your comfort zone/Cocoon and allows you to get comfortable with been around crowds. You might just discover a new type of confidence you never thought you had.DSC_0387-2.jpgfcg.jpgcnhdhbn.jpg3. Avoid negative people- … you are the company you keep. If the people you hang out with are always demeaning you and add nothing but negativity to your life, you need new friends boo. Most of the time the thing that so called friends say jokingly as a way of making fan of you are things that will stick with you for a long time(friends that make fan of your body, how you talk etc. )  . It is better to have 1 good friend than 15 friends that add no value to your life but just pull you down by saying negative things. If you have people in your life that you feel force you to try and be someone you aren’t you need to shut the door in their face (LITERALLY IF NEED BE).
Don’t let anyone rent a space in your head/ life unless they are a good tenant.
 4.How you dress matters – Dress in a way that boosts your confidence. I personally take this point very seriously and apply it every single day. If you are dressed in droopy, faded clothes it really doesn’t give you the I’m a queen vibe. Most people make their first impression of others based on appearance that might not be fair but such is life. Make sure you are slaying every darn time you walk out of the house, Trust me your clothes go a long way in influencing your confidence. jns.jpg
DSC_0464-2.jpg5.Guidance- If you really struggling with loving yourself there is no shame in seeking professional help. There is no better way to deal with esteem issues than to have a professional listen and offer solutions. You’ll be a whole new person after that. Trust me you will discover things about yourself you never thought existed you’ll become a whole new person.
6. Fake it till you make it – Girl! If all else fails hunnie fake it till you make it.DSC_0450-2.jpg
l,m.jpg7.  Most importantly remember to love yourself for who you are. Accept your flaws. Don’t try to be like someone else , be you ! are cause you’re beautiful just the way are , { Que Bruno Mars’ song , just the way you are} Let him keep you going every-time you feeling down just put that song on replay !cnjn.jpg
sdfgbhnm.jpgNow about this outfit, I absolutely love this dress! I decided to add a trench to it cause it sort of got cold as we were shooting ( cause Limuru weather is moody like that ) which was a good thing  cause this trench  gives me liiiife. It totally transformed this look!
hk.jpgIt is amazing what a simple addition to a simple look can do ! Dress and trench bought at different times but  work so well together.
Photography : Topart Photography
Outfit Details:
Dress & Trench – thrifted.
Shoes – a shoe stall in Limuru.
rings, earrings & choker – stall in the CBD.
Bag & Belt – my mum’s
gd-2-2.jpgI hope the 7 tips I gave on building self confidence are of help to someone out there.
If you felt like they were to you, would love to know. Leave a comment in the comment section.
What other topics would you want me to discuss on here, please let me know.se.jpg
See you all on the next post .
Love & Love , Nimz .

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