Maxi In Motion.

nnj.jpgPours Coconut Oil all over October,
How’s October looking on your end? Well mine is going great, I honestly can’t wait for November to get here. First off it’s my birth month whoop whoop! Where are the Scorpios at?
Second off it marks my blog’s first blogniversarry , not to mention I want to give an update on the 25 things before 25 post! God has been gracious as I have achieved several things on it and I’m looking forward to giving you guys an update …
So, I’m sitting here re watching old movies and I thought, why not put together a post?Given that I have these really amazing pictures we shot awhile back, that I am yet to share on here.
So let’s get into it … If you are new to my site, thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around.hagygbxn.jpg
Photography by Topart Photography. 
jushnx.jpgOn today’s post I am featuring this beautiful blush maxi dress.
I’m currently obsessing over maxi dresses and skirts there is just some level of classiness and chicness that comes with maxis.Not to mention they make my work super easy when I’m looking for something to wear to family events, cause there is that unsaid dress code that comes with family get togethers and you just know you can’t go around my grandma wearing anything that isn’t below the knee sighs, I swear my clothes always feel 3 inches shorter whenever I’m around her …anyone else feel like that?
And given  that Christmas festivities are right around the corner, I have to go ‘descent’ clothes shopping, which means more maxis in my wardrobe cause we have about 15 family events right around this time of the year. All of which officially start this month … Despite the ‘stress’ that comes with picking outfits for this occasions  I’m not really complaining as it means nyama choma in plenty. I’m such a foodie , no shame
bxhbhbThese beautiful pictures were shot in Limuru. The weather sort of started acting up, it got cloudy as we were shooting but we pushed on . Despite the fact that I was complaining in between my poses haha . Can you believe the sun came out just as we were wrapping up the shoot? Argh not coollife.jpg
bhzsg.jpgOutfit Details
Dress – Thrifted
Flower Crown _ Diy
Shoes – A stall in Limuru
Rings & Earings – Stall in the CBD
Cuff – gift from my mum
jhxs chdjhcf.jpgI’m currently super obsessed with Diy projects and this flower crown one went pretty well.Will post a few Diys  real soon .. look out for that .khygy.jpg
DSC_0623.jpgThat is it for today’s post …
Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comment section.
I’ll see you on my next post…
Love & Love

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