Hello sentimentality. A year ago I embarked on a journey of bringing my thoughts and ideas to life through this blog.
I got so much love on my first post and the 12 others that followed (and after counting them I realize 12 is rather little when it comes to a total number of posts in a year. But I’m so grateful for those twelve as they are what I am celebrating today.
With that said, hello and welcome to yet another post. If you are new to my site thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around.
DSC_0118 (2).JPGFor anyone that has been following me on Instagram these pictures are not new as I’ve posted them on there earlier this year but I chose to hold on to them for this very post as they hold a special place in my heart . Reason been had it not been for the greatest most supportive boyfriend I highly doubt this blog would even exist.
Here is something that most people don’t know about me, I haven’t always loved pictures nor fashion. I actually have very few pictures of myself from high school ( which is a big deal given that every weekend for the 4 years I was in high school the school would have a photographer come by to take pictures ). I used to shy away from pictures truth be told self-esteem had a lot to do with. Fast forward to 2013 and I met this guy and a few months into dating he tries pushing me into doing a shoot with him and I kept postponing for weeks. But we finally shot pictures and three years on this to me are the best pictures we have ever taken. When I first saw these pictures I was in tears. I was like… Damn Gina! Or rather Gladys.
DSC_0214 (2).JPGSo this is gonna be a bit of a lengthy post mainly because as was mentioned on this post here , I plan on giving an update on what I  have we ticked off the list so far .
So I started this blog sometime in November but I couldn’t have this post up by the first anniversary as I was really caught up in so much . Thought I’d hold on to the post till days to the end of the year .
Without further ado, lets get into itttttttt
*pauses for a minute to take a look at the 25 things before 25 post * Let’s do this together guys, click on this link to view the post if you haven’t already .
Here is how this will work I’ll start by stating the things I’ve ticked off the list , then go on to the things still on my list  to carry on to 2017 and on wards.
i). 4 Exposure: God is great!The one thing that was the highlight of my year was ticking this off my list . I mentioned on item number 4 on my list how I really wanted to gain exposure and I was lucky enough to do this in not just one but 2 jobs! First off I got to play around with clothes, accessories all that good stuff as a fashion stylist to add to that I got a job as a content writer yaaasssss! I get to do what I love every single day! Can’t thank my boss enough for giving ,me a chance and having me on board with this wonderful people. You can check out our site
ii). 5 blogging tools of trade : So this one is rather interesting as I honestly didn’t think I’d be ticking it off the list this soon! I finally got a camera! You probably wondering if you got a camera then why haven’t you posted anything the last 2 months *keep calm, I can explain… ) refer back to the above point as my excuse.
iii) 16. Build my brand:  I’d like to think I have achieved this to some extent given that this blog is the reason I got the fashion stylist job as well as the content writing job . but there is still so much I want to do when it comes to this . Hopefully in the new year I’ll take this up a notch .
iv) 19. develop a culture of reading: I started working on this when I was bored out of my mind! Sad I know .. I started reading books I have had for years but never bothered to read as well books I borrowed from my good friend. Hey MANKA!
v) 20. Be more adventurous : Well if you reefer back to my article then this probably shouldn’t be on the ticked off list given that I haven’t no police chase has happened yet . But I would like to think I sort of got to do this i hot our of my comfort and tried new stuff , met new people
vi) 21. Work on my socializing skills: I’m not a people person guys, but I kinda got out of my comfort zone.Attended a Couture party which I’d been invited to ( all by myself which was bloody nerve wrecking ) because my wing man cancelled on me 15 minutes to the event . Hey Christianne PS you still owe me. And why doesn’t auto correct recognize your name? it always flags it as a typo.  it’s that unique I guess haha
Vii ) 25. My own place: Well this is a bit tricky because I went house hunting this week with the hubby and we found this really nice place, but I’m yet to move in. So this is sort of at 70% (30% loading) follow my snap chat as I’ll probably post on there once I move in ! Cant wait
yes this picture was taken the same day, let’s think of it as me giving two ways to style the diversify the same outfit
Now on to the stuff we are carrying forward into 2017.
i) 1. Learn how to sew. Well this was at the top of the list because i love transforming clothes, but with zero knowledge on how to sew I have to explain what I want to a tailor in hopes it turns out the way I want it . I intended to check this off my list immediately but then I was told sewing is tricky and would probably take me 2 or more months to learn this stuff . immediately pushed back to the list .
ii) 2. Become a better christian. The reason this didn’t make it to the achieved bucket list is because I know there’s still so much more I want in terms of spiritual growth. Something I plan on working on this new year .
iii) 3. Do something nice for my parents . On my list I mentioned how I hadn’t figured out what in specific I wanna do for them . Which is the main reason I have haven’t ticked this off my list. Maybe google will help with some ideas
iv) 6.Up my makeup game . All I do is create pins of makeup looks I absolutely love on pinterest, follow makeup pages and YouTube tutorials but I haven’t done nothing to build my makeup game I’m a makeup eyebrows only type of girl and mascara every now and then . Lets see if I’ll up my game in the coming year.
v) 7. Cooking classes: Well I haven’t given much thought to this . It might be awhile before we tick this one off the list.
vi) 8. Gain some weight . Let me just by pointing out how many people apped me or told e in person how crazy the idea is . And yes, I hear y’all .
vii) 9. Take up swimming . It’s a fact that most people think black / Africans can’t swim . Well I wanna face my fear of water.
DSC_0121 (2).JPGviii) 10. Beach shoot. Mombasa I see you ! That’s all i’m gonna say
ix) 11. Road trip . I’ve been living at home (my parents) for the last 3 months leading into the end of 2016,which means I didn’t get to have a social life . why? Strict parents
x) 12.Adrenaline rush : well … no excuse really
xi) 13. I had such big plans for my 22nd birthday . But all I did for my birthday was go to work (it was actually my 3rd day at my new job ) I consider that my birthday gift! But again, no excuse as to why o didn’t do anything fun for my 22nd . Moral of the story , we make plans but God is in charge
xii) 14. Charity work . Don’t give me that look, I’m s good person guys . Don’t judge . Lets leave it at that till I have an update for you
xiii) 15. Travel .
xiv) 17. New language . Rejoice where you at? I think I’m ready to learn chichewa now…
xv) 18. Face my fears . Welllllll truth be told, this will be on here probably till I’m 30 ! This is a tricky one y’all.
xvi) 22. YouTube channel . Currently under works. Stay tuned !
xvii) 23.Account balance. They say life begins at 40 . In other words I realize I have to be patient with this one , and that’s okay.
xviii) 24. Driver’s licence. Again, I really need to tick off that police chase off my list . Make it my first vlog on YouTube maybe ? Haha
DSC_0098 (2).JPG
ps. this shorts were initially a skirt that my grandma bought me, but I decided it would work better for me as shorts .With a bow detail 
Well 2017, no pressure but as you can see, your girl is counting on you . So please come through. 2016 had its ups and downs, but I’m grateful to have made it here and eternally grateful to the guy behind the pictures for the 13 posts on this blog . Not forgetting you guys that take the time to read my stuff, comment , like or follow . Thaaank you  my loves !
Now, several people made a bucket list with me back in MAY when I posted this? Would love to hear from you on what you’ve managed to tick off
And another thoughts you guys have.
Pours coconut oil all over 2017. May it be a year of favor for us all .


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