BACK WITH A BANG IN BLUE . (Venica Lady : look 1)

The last 3 months have been spent drafting up articles for my current job. Which I mentioned in the previous post. So excuse me for having a bit of difficulty with where to start with this article .

Anyway. How are you? How’s 2017 treating you so far? On my end it’s going quite well, crazy busy with work but very good. I’m thankful.

If you are new to my site,thanks for stopping by.Hope you will stick around.

Let’s talk about this beautiful shade of blue!I’m a lover of color mostly prints but solid colors are becoming my thing. This shade of blue (stuck between cobalt , azure, lapis whic shade do you guys think  this is?) reminds me of Mellie Grant (you know, from Scandal) mainly because most if not all of her outfits are usually bold solid colors and blue next to red is one of her go to .IMG_4009 - Copy.jpg

IMG_4028 - Copy.jpgSkater dresses are my ultimate go to (given my petite frame I feel they work for my body type) If you are like me and have lots of skater dresses in your wardrobe getting something with a unique detail goes a long way in spicing an ordinary skater dress into much more which is what this cut out on this dress does. Spice things up !img_4010-copy

IMG_4057 - Copy.jpgThis dress is from a beautiful classic and chic shop located on ngong road at Rehema Place, which is right opposite Prestige Plaza . Venica Lady . I came across this shop when working as a fashion stylist sometime last year. We clicked and after a few months of postponed collaboration we both put in some effort and made plans to officially start off on the collaboration earlier this month. This dress is the first in a 3 outfit’s series. So exciting!IMG_4021 - Copy.jpgI’m extra when it comes to my clothes I love to go for distinct cuts and fabrics and at Venica they have exactly that.IMG_4143-2.jpg

IMG_4029 - Copy.jpg

Now before i get questions on what type of bra were you wearing with this dress, let’s just say such dresses make me thankful for small boobs .You don’t have to worry yourself with what type of bra works .But if you have a bigger torso here are tips that might help at this post

IMG_4024.jpgMakeup & Hair. Now, when it comes to the makeup I honestly don’t do much guys no foundation, blush etc. Just my eyebrow pencil which I also used to line my lips with this particular look and a burgundy lippie and that was pretty much it .Yes still very little effort has been made from the points from this this post. I’m probably going to buy my first makeup collection this month. I wonder what a full face beat would look like on me.  If you have any makeup products suggestions help a sister out by leaving them in the comment section. When it comes to the hair it obviously depends on what you are wearing at the time. But the one thing that’s a tip for any hair style is to pull it all back and let the dress speak! In my case I pulled it all back in a side bun.IMG_4011.jpg

IMG_4048-2.jpgWhen it comes to accessories. Keep it minimal and let the dress speak! You can play around with your footwear from playing it safe with a nude pair of heels to a monochromatic look which looks just as good(see pictures below) The best part is you can get yourself similar heels at Venica.IMG_4137-2.jpg



IMG_4071 - Copy.jpg


Stop by the shop and say hi for me while you’re there.

I’ll see you all on the next post. Also leave me a comment on where else apart from the two I’ve mentioned would you wear this look to?

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Love & love Nimz




3 thoughts on “BACK WITH A BANG IN BLUE . (Venica Lady : look 1)

  1. Wow! The dress is on point and looks so much like you. I love it sooo…….

    I would wear it on a girl’s night out, a house party and maybe to a friend’s wedding dinner…oh yes definitely!

    I’m following you closely.

    Liked by 1 person

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