From meetings to sipping cocktails (Venica Lady look 2)

As promised I am back with another post. The second of the three post series from Venica Lady. In the first post we talked casual super sexy dress . On this post we are talking of that one dress that will take you from the office to evening drinks with your girlfriends.IMG_4274.jpgHello and welcome to yet another post. And happy new month! This month I am looking forward to a few things one of them being the makeup collection, trying a weave (which I’m nervous about) mainly because I have never looked that direction in terms of hairstyles. Shocker I know! Another thing I’m looking forward to is getting my own place. Yaaassssssss ! And of course I’m looking forward to posting more on here especially more diverse looks from Venica Lady!
What are you looking forward to this month? Would love to hear from you.
If you are new to my site thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around.img_4228This beautiful yellow body-con I absolutely love from the fit, fabric, diversity and the color of course. This is something I feel would work for laid back meetings in the afternoon and easily transition into drinks with the girls or boyfriend. But then again this depends on your work place and comfort as a person.IMG_4296.jpgI personally like to experiment with my clothes which is why I decided to pair the dress with a pair of blue heels to add even more pop .
With the makeup it’s whatever works for you. A dark lip was what I chose to go for given that my outfit was already enough of a pop of color.img_4237
IMG_4232.jpgRemember what I said about this dress being diverse and working from meeting to drinks with friends? All you have to do is unzip the front zipper that’s on the dress and you have a whole new look! Let them girls out to party hunnieIMG_4293.jpg
clearly this dress had me feeling a tad too … I ran the world
To the biggest point of this entire post . This dress has some type of magical powers .Things went from 0 to 100 real quick .
Clothes have a way of boosting self confidence and this ladies is it !
Dress: Venica Lady
Shoes: Venica Lady
Photography: Topart Media
IMG_4220.jpgI will see you all on the next post. Where I’ll be serving some casual good girl vibes . Stick around for that final look . IMG_4227.jpg




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