Weekend ready ( Venica Lady look 3)

Hello beautiful humans.img_4376Apologies for the not having this up last week . I realized the only way to put this up was to push myself to a point where I have no other option but to put my lazy fingers to some typing . I’m usually super busy with work related articles by the time I get home after sitting in traffic for an hour I’m too tired to start working on posts for my site. But I made a conscious decision to put all my excuses aside and actually start working on this post. Which is  why I posted about this post last night on Instagram. Cause I knew once I committed myself to having it up today I would have no other choice . It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon as i’m typing this.If you are new, Welcome to my site and hope you will stick around.img_4355
This is the last of the 3 looks from Venica Lady .You can check out the other two here & here. What I love about their outfits is how diverse they can be from the sexy jaw dropping designs for that hot date, to that work to drinks outfit and not forgetting the casual laid back weekend wear . What more could a girl ask for .img_4357Also if you are not about that too much skin showing life and maxis are your go to .Then you will find the perfect ones at Venica Lady. Personally I’m not really a maxi girl mainly because of my petite frame, it takes me way longer to find the right length,flow and fit of a maxi than it does with skater dresses . But I absolutely love this particular maxi .
The best part is with their maxi dresses you will get a diverse feel through the different designs and prints cause let’s face it the reason some if not most of us rarely go for maxis is because of how boring they can be .img_4362But with this one it’s so casual chic .It’s all in the little details !
For anyone that is like me and only pulls out their maxi’s from the back of the closet when they have to attend a family get together with this particular Venica Lady maxis you’ll be wearing them all summer long .img_4418
img_4361If the blue doesn’t do it for you ,this dress comes in a variety of colors (you can contact Venica Lady for more color options). Variety of colors and sizes as well .img_4378When it comes to shoe pairing. Given that this is a weekend look where you want to look like you actually put some effort to dress up even though it only took you 5 minutes to put the look together .Go for a pair of sandals , not just any sandals but sandals that will pull together the look and this crotchet sandals from Venica Lady are to die for. The are super comfy and make your feet feel pampered . These too come in an array of different colors. I’m definitely getting myself a pink pair (still a child at heart)img_4387
I know y’all about to come for me in the comments section cause this is so 2016. But can a girl have a moment please
I’m doing some exciting shoots this weekend can’t wait to share .Follow my snap( @ nimz_ww)  for all the sneak peek shenanigans as well as my Instagram
How you should be walking into the weekend in your Venica Maxi . Big big smile
Taking a minute to just chill and pat myself on the back for having this post up today.
I’ll see you all next week.
Till then stay safe and have yourselves a beautiful weekend .
Xx – Nimz



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