Winnie & Wairimu

IMG_4664.jpgHappy new week guys.

Welcome to yet another post. If you are new to my site thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around.IMG_4691.jpg

IMG_4662.jpgOn today’s post, I have a special guest. I got my cousin to do a few shots with me for this post. Up until we did this shoot I hadn’t realized how tiring photo shoots can be. Here’s why. For her, she thought we would be taking just 10 shots and that was it. But instead, we took like 300+ images.  Which personally I’m used to doing but for her it was way more work than she thought it would be .Haha sorry, Winnie.

Her facial expression sums it up. Haha

I’ve personally never done a shoot with anyone else before. Came To realize that people don’t feel exhaustion at the same rate. 1.jpgTo any blogger reading this have you brought a friend along for a shoot and halfway through they are just like. Wow! I didn’t know this much work goes into taking pictures. If you have feel free to leave me a comment below.IMG_4678.jpg

IMG_4689.jpgPS: To anyone of my friends reading this and have asked me if we can shoot sometime, it’s not all rosy guys.

Anyway, so these pictures are a bit different. For this particular shoot, we are focusing on the parasol. These trend hasn’t really caught up in Kenya, well unless it’s been used as part of the wedding decor or by one or two guests at a wedding. Has it caught up in your country?IMG_4714.JPGParasols are actually pretty cool in my opinion. And come in really handy during those hot summer days.

Here are a few fun ways to incorporate parasols into your wardrobe.IMG_4786.jpg

IMG_4805-2.jpgIMG_4706.jpgA big thank you to my cousin Winnie for agreeing to do this shoot with me. Had fun shooting with her. We should do this again.

Parasols available at

Photography by Top Art


she was making fun of my eyebrows. Was a fun shoot .



That is it for today’s post. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Love & Love



6 thoughts on “Winnie & Wairimu

  1. Hahaha! Your sentiments are so relatable.. you know what I mean.
    Great job Cuz’. your number one cheerleader, as always! :-*
    Let’s do something together sometime. 🙂
    Love, Xx


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