IMG_5524.jpgThe first quarter of the year is off to a great start. A lot of firsts have happened in terms of I’ve done stuff I’ve never done before.

One of them being my hair. I’ve never relaxed it, dyed it or tried a weave. Yes, WTF I hear you 😂. Up until recently, I hadn’t tried wiging it either, but wigs have slowly become my go to when I need a quick go-to style.  Moreover, I make custom wigs, so for any potential clients based in the 254, you can reach me via my Instagram or Email.


IMG_5488-2.jpgHello and welcome. If you are new to my site thanks for stopping by nad hope you will stick around.

This is my first weave, before this I’ve never had a weave because growing up I thought weaves weren’t cool and were meant for mamas. Said the same thing about handbags,  I’ll never carry one. But looking around my room right now and seeing the gazillion bags I have. I realize how dumb I was.IMG_5544.jpgMoral of the story: In life, never say never.

Now, allow me to state a few observations for the 3 weeks I had this weave on. First off the first 1 week was so weird like you don’t even understand I felt like I had a really huge hat on and every time someone stared I felt like they saw the same thing. This hair felt super gigantic. And don’t even get me started on how tight it felt. Felt like the damn thing was glued to my scalp. This was the first time I’ve ever had that feeling like my scalp couldn’t breathe because with all my other styles like the box braids, crocheting etc the scalp has room to breathe but with this, it was too restraining. How do people even wear a weave for 6 weeks?IMG_5475-2.jpg

IMG_5525.jpgAnyone else that’s never tried any of the stuff I listed? Would love to know.It will make me feel less weird.

Away from the hair. This is my first Cheap Monday’s look this year. So I thought I would make it a good one.This dress like most things in my closest was an impulse buy. But I absolutely love it.



IMG_5523.jpgThe gold shimmer details are what did it for me. I love a dress that doesn’t require too much effort and not to mention I love a black dress with character. if you guys haven’t already noticed I’m more of a color person so for my dark and neutral clothes I like pieces that have more to offer and this dress did just that.

I do however wish it was a bit longer.Like a maxi type of length but I can live either it as it is.

Decided to Pair it with this shimmery gold heels, which you won’t believe the cost of.Keep reading to find out.

Photography: Topart Photography


if my hair looks a bit all over the place. It’s because it was super windy. My hair refused to be tamed




DRESS: Ksh. 100 ( 1 dollar)

Shoes: Ksh 20 (…. Cents)

The total cost of this look. 120 shillings

IMG_5548.jpgThanks so much for stopping by.

I’ll see you all on my next post.

Until then let’s connect on my other platforms.

Love & Love Nimz.



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