IMG_20170418_085146.jpgMatte lipsticks are Makeup’s gift to women ! From Anastasia Beverly Hills to the Mac retro matte lippies, Kylie cosmetics, Nouba, Huddah, Colorpop(the list goes on). Long gone are the days when you had to be careful how you bit on that burger least you leave all your lipstick on the burger and none on your lips, long gone are the days when every time you licked your lips the lippie would just wipe off. But thanks to matte lippies you can go a whole day without needing to do any touching up, and in the event that you do after eating some really greasy ribs ( on cheat days) you only have to do a little touching up and you are good to go for the rest of the day. But cheers to the good old signature lipstick days. Anyone else used Signature when they were starting up on exploring lipstick?. Leave a comment if you were part of the Signature brigade.

Wearing colourpop

But with the huge demand of such matte lippie brands comes the knock off products looking to make some cash from their fake products. Now for anyone living overseas i.e. Europe or the States you guys are lucky as you can buy from the brand’s physical shop and not have to deal with the headache of trying to evaluate if the products you are buying are legit. Thankfully a few of these brands have finally set up shop in Nairobi the likes of Mac, and Nouba.  And thanks to our girl Huddah for taking a leap into the market at least you are assured of quality by buying from the specific suppliers her company deals with ( speaking of I am yet to try Huddah cosmetics but Nimmo is my next buy ).  With the rest of these brands we have to rely on beauty suppliers that claim to have shipped in the “original” and that’s where the headache comes in because you really don’t know who to trust. Don’t even get me started on the cost difference, for instance on today’s post we are focusing on Colorpop ( does a quick search on their website) color pop ultra-matte lippies go for 6 dollars ie Kes 600 on their website while here in Kenya they go for between 1500 to 1,600 roughly 15 dollars But yes, I get there’s the whole shipping cost consideration. I would be okay with buying a matte colourpop lippie for 1600 if I were sure it is legit.IMG_20170418_085046.jpgSo on today’s post, I am going to be sharing with you guys a few tips on how to tell a real from a fake Colorpop Ultra Matte lipstick, we have to make that 1600 worth it. Right ladies?IMG_20170418_085203.jpgBefore we get into that. Here is a little backstory on my experience when I bought my first ever color pop lipstick. Sometime back in January I decided to act on building my makeup collection and my first stop was to get myself everyday matte lipsticks. After a hard time deciding between Huddah cosmetics and the Colorpop lippies through recommendations from friends who had used both brands I decided to go for colorpop first. Looked through YouTube videos to see which swatches work best for dark skin ladies and with that I was ready. But before I could head to Keeky’s Collection, which is where I intended to buy my lippies from I came across a valentines’ offer from a Kenyan makeup artist, colorpop lippies for the price of 1300, the Kikuyu in me decided why spend 1600 when I could save up on 300 through this offer.

wearing colourpop in the shade Ribbon

For reasons of me not wanting to get sued I shall not mention this makeup artists’ name but just know the shop I was supposed to get the lipsticks from is the building right next to where Keeky’s collection is located (COINCIDENCES). Anyway once I took a look at these so-called lipsticks going for Kes.1300 I could already tell they were my grandma’s age the boxes were so worn out and already unsealed plus I could tell something was off just from the packaging. I decided not to buy using the excuse of ‘you don’t have the colors I was looking for” whether she could tell I was lying or not I don’t care. It’s my money after all.



With that, I left the stall and headed to Diamond Plaza which is the next building, and immediately I laid eyes on the swatches Keeky’s Collection had I was SOLD. Took me half an hour to decide on what swatch to take home, a big thank you to the sweet light skinned lady that attended to me she was so nice and patient with my picky ass. There’s nothing worse that crappy customer service. Now having shared my experience here are the tips on how to spot a fake color pop lipstick.

Colorpop in the shade Ribbon


  1. The package box SHOULD have the name of the swatch on the opposite side of where you open it.IMG_20170418_085352.jpg

This is for the super fake lippies that don’t even know how to do a good job faking products. For instance, the lippies I saw at 1300 had no name of the product on the box.

But in the event that the box does have a name e.g. “ ribbon” or “avenue” etc. then here are other key things on the package box that you should look out for.

.Made with love in the U.S.A on a genuine colourpop looks much brighter than fake

  1. Things to look out for on the tube

The font on the real tube is more spaced out and much more legible compared to a fake color pop.IMG_20170418_085235.jpg The only problem is, for someone buying the product for the first time this is not something you would easily notice as you have nothing to compare it to. Not to mention the writings on the sticker will be a bold white on the real color pop package.

The lid on a real color pop doesn’t close completely there’s a little gap between the lid and the bottle.IMG_20170418_085132.jpg

  • The writings are also important to note. The colourpop writings on the legit one are bigger and more legible Compared to a fake one. And also has a holographic finish.

Also take note of the only other things apart from the words colourpop the other side of the tube says… distributed by colourpop cosmetics … on this part take note of the very first word on the section it should say NET WT. Unlike on fake colourpop where it says MFT …

On the bottom of the swatch tube, you should have the name of the swatch. E.g. “ribbon” Tulle” etc. . . . Pay attention to the font, on a fake colourpop the words are all squeezed together in a bigger font compared to the font on a legit colourpop where the letters are going to be well spaced out and are actually visible.

Now when it comes to the wands, the applicator on a real one is fluffyIMG_20170418_085408.jpg

  • In the event that you are buying a shade that you probably already own and just looking to get a new one before the old one runs out, you will notice that the fake one will be a totally different color. So bring the old original swatch with you if need be so you can swath both and see if they look alike.
  • Also, a real lippie has a velvet finish and dries quickly not to mention it is highly pigmented and requires only one application
  • IMG_20170418_085115.jpg

I would personally recommend you check Keeky’s Collectionout  if you are looking to get yourself colourpop swatches. They  have a lot of colors to pick from so worry not you’ll definitely find something that suits you.


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