image 3.jpgKabuti weather is officially in full effect. If you don’t know Kabuti is a Swahili/ Kikuyu word depending on how you pronounce it that is a generalization for coats, trenches peacoats etc.

image 2.jpg

IMG_6685.jpgHello and welcome if you are new to my site thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around. IMG_6703.jpg

IMG_6710.jpgAs I was saying, it is officially kabuti weather in Kenya but unlike the other side of the globe where the weather actually sticks to a seasonal schedule. In Africa, more so Nairobi it’s like we are part of Game Of Thrones in the sense that you never know what to expect next, one minute it is sunny the next it is a battle between the sun and those dark gray clouds and before 6 pm you’ve experienced like 4 seasons. From the sun, the wind, to the moody cloudy weather and don’t even get me started on the gigantic raindrops that follow. You know, the ones that actually hurt when they hit you?

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IMG_6699.jpgWith such undecided weather, the one hack to take with you is how to layer up!IMG_6734.jpg

IMG_6739.jpgTake this look, for instance, I layered up. When you hail from the coldest part of the country layering up is something you become good at. So get out those boots, trenches, and style that pair of jeans and off shoulder top for the cold weather ladies. The same applies to the gents as well, boots and trenches are your best friend this time of year. IMG_6715.jpg

IMG_6684.jpgThe one thing this weather has me doing a lot lately is cosing  up in bed in my favorite pair of happy socks, duvet, some black tea and a good movie!Cause let’s face it there is very little outdoor stuff one can do in between the rainy and sunny intervals. Which is why I have been catching up on some old favorites such as Scandal Sn 6 which I’m loving, good old Originals, the latest season of Prison Break and of course the occasional  disappointment from some of the oldies such as If Loving You Is Wrong, man has anyone watched season 5 ? that series was bloody slow and repetitive and dragged on for too long . Such a disappointment and to think I had even gone ahead and bought season 6 as well.

IMG_6682.jpgHave any movie recommendations? Kindly leave them in the comment section.

Keep warm. Hugs and kisses to you that took the time to stop by . ♥♥♥

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