IMG_6659.jpgHello and welcome to yet another post. If you are new to my site thanks for stopping by and hope you will stick around.IMG_6657.jpgOn today’s Cheap Monday’s post, we are keeping things short and wide haha. With just a few tips on how to style wide-leg pants or palazzos and of course the reveal on how much this entire look cost.IMG_6647.jpgWide leg pants remind me of Sharon Mundia, mainly because of her ThisIsEssforVivo collection. They have been trending since last year and in my opinion are still such a wardrobe essential. And for those who are a bit over the super skinny jeans trend that has dominated for the past decade then these are your go to. 1.jpg

IMG_6592.jpgThe best part is they can be worn to pretty much anywhere be it work, church, meet the parents’ date, or when you want to dress to impress without showing too much skin. The trick to pulling off all these looks with probably just one pair of wide leg pants is choosing the right top for the occasion. For instance, for a dress to impress this green top would do quite well so would a lace bralette or a crop top,  for a more reserved setup a turtleneck or any other “decent top ” is all you need.IMG_6654.jpg

IMG_6595.jpg Tips: – When styling such pants remember to wear something that’s more fitting on top to balance the look, given that the pants are already wide.

  • When buying such pants ensure that the waistline is your size, mainly because the best way to wear these pants is to tuck whatever top of choice into the pants.
  • Bodysuits look great with such pants. Invest in a couple of them. You won’t regret it.
  • Another thing to keep in mind when buying such pants is to ensure the pants are high waist. This is not exactly a must do but it’s definitely more flattering. Cause like I said, tucking in looks way better with these pants. The thing with low waist bottoms is when you tuck in they make your tummy hang. Which isn’t cute. Right?


IMG_6598.jpgWith that in mind go on and take a chance with these pants, be they floral or neutral colored. It’s hard to go wrong with these.IMG_6587-2Do you already own a pair or 5? Let me know your thoughts on these pants in the comments. Also feel free to list how you pair them and where you would wear them too. IMG_6627.jpg



Palazzo Pants- ksh. 50

Top : Ksh 30

total cost. 80 bobIMG_6652.jpg-xoxo

And a big thank you to all that have subscribed. If you haven’t already please do and remember to share with a friend or two.

I’ll see you on the next post.


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