Getting Back On Track

IMG_7512a-2*5 password guesses later* phweuks I finally got my password right 😅


I feel like I ought to start by dusting off my keyboard as well as the cobwebs on my blog. As it has indeed been months since I last posted, 5 months to be precise.


I’ll tell you all in a bit why the silence but before I get into that. Hey fam , how are you, is life treating you okay? I missed you! A big thank you to all those that reached out the last couple of months to see why I hadn’t put up anything. Sending you all my love and lots of hugs. Also a big thank you to all that have subscribed to the blog in that period of time. The fam is growing and I couldn’t be happier.


Why I took a break?


I have had the worst writer’s block for over the past 2 months. So many outfits shot and edited but my creative juices weren’t in it. This year hasn’t exactly been easy for me or the entire Njenga family, more so the past 3 months, losing a loved one can take quite a toll on you 💔. (I thought I had it in me to say more about this but every time I try to write about him it brings me to tears) I  think the hardest part of losing someone, isn’t having to say goodbye, but rather learning to live without them. Always trying to fill the void left when they go… 


A few months ago, July the 6th I lost one of the most important people in my life. My guka / grand dad .

how lucky I was to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to…

Koma na thayu Guka,

It hasn’t been easy, I miss him dearly, but I’m slowly learning that grief is really just love. It is all the love I want to give but can’t … Grief is just love with no place to go”

I have found my way back to the blog, finally.

What’s new in my life?

I finally decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and bring two of my business ideas to life. The first is going pretty well and I’m so grateful. The other been an online thrift page, because I really do love to thrift and I  thought I would share this with you guys especially given all the questions I get on where do I thrift.. Go check out thriftgems_254 on Instagram.


Outfit details :

This outfit was what I wore for the burial

That is it for today. Thank you so much for reading

I will see you on the next post ( real soon )

Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain
And remember whatever you’re going through God has got you.

💓…    … 💕



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