Black shorts. (2/2 ways)

Fri-nally! So the weekend is finally here. This post was inspired by that weekend vibe. There’s always so much going on in Nairobi over the weekend. From music concerts, fashion events,, or maybe just something as casual as movie plans with friends or that special someone in your life, road trips . Well this casual look was inspired by all social events that surround the … Continue reading Black shorts. (2/2 ways)

7 by 7, a little formal, a little casual.

Well this meme pretty much covers the basis of this post. Hello everybody and welcome to yet another post, and even better a new category on the blog. HAPPY NEW MONTH !So excited about February, cause I have so much up my sleeves(blog related of course) I put together this category for a little balance on the blog, what I mean is a wanted to … Continue reading 7 by 7, a little formal, a little casual.

Something Gifted,Something Th-rifted.

Hello everybody and welcome to yet another post . Hope you having yourself a kick -ass day, if not, well worry not. Tomorrow is another day. Make it count, cause after-all , we  are in-charge of our own happiness, ey? If you new to my site, thank you so much for stopping by.  And hope you’ll stick around. Moving on, lets talk skirts and travel … Continue reading Something Gifted,Something Th-rifted.